Fresh tunes (not mine though)
Monstercat 021 out - posted by Saboteur on 12.04.2015 18:18

Hey - it's that time again! Loving the fresh tunes of various talents assembled under Monstercat. 021 - Perspective is streaming here. That is all, have an awesome day!
Iris - Radiant
posted by Saboteur on 14.03.2015 12:06
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Goddamnit, why doesn't anyone tell me about these things? About 5 months after the fact, I realize Iris has released Radiant. I'm absolutely awestruck! An adoring fan since, well... these times:

Physical CD of Iris single release Unknown

Not entirely thrilled by their choice to not release the full album for streaming (Spotify only has a four track teaser!), but I don't mind buying it twice - MP3 to listen to it right now, and a CD for posterity. Just that not everyone's going to do that - surely they'd get the wider audience they deserve by doing full streaming?

Anyway, my day just got a whole lot better (and it wasn't too bad to begin with). Hope yours does too!
New Röyksopp is worth your time!
posted by Saboteur on 04.11.2014 23:20

Really liking the new Röyksopp! They are showing that they have more to give even after all these years. I'm finding The Inevitable End an overwhelmingly positive experience.

I won't do a full review here, but I'll pick one moment that I want to share with you. The haunting sadness of "I Had This Thing" is delightfully underpinned by a motif that evokes just so much warmth and hope. It is incredibly difficult convey all of that with an air of sincerity, but Röyksopp pulls it off masterfully.

You'll find the entire album from the Spotify link above, and I think it's very likely to be worth your time.
New Monstercat is out!
019 - Endeavour - posted by Saboteur on 19.10.2014 14:23

New monstercat is out, have started to look forward to these recently. Really love these guys!

Monstercat 019 - Endeavour

That is all.
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