Fox Stevenson is amazing
posted by Saboteur on 02.02.2016 00:24

It suddenly occurs to me that Fox Stevenson / Stan SB is amazing. I already knew he was great, but I just upgraded him to amazing after Spotify's Discover Weekly kindly threw "Get What I Can" my way today. Much love & respect.

That is all.
A monstrous release from Monstercat this month
also:London Elektricity(after-post edit) - posted by Saboteur on 08.11.2015 22:32

New Monstercat compilation is out again and holy crap it is ON POINT. So many awesome tunes - I'm liking it more overall than the last couple ones. I mean, I always find a few really great tracks from each compilation but it seems there's just more of those this month. 024 - Vanguard streams on Spotify as usual.

I will update my Flavor of the Month playlist with some of my picks like I always do, over the coming weeks. I already have a few adds from the release on it.

Aside from that, there were a couple of interesting surprises on the album that I want to highlight. I was never too fond of Pegboard Nerds previously. I just found their style a little bit too dark for my tastes (thinking of tracks like "BADBOI" or "Bring the Madness" here). Imagine my surprise when I listen to "Pink Cloud" and then see Pegboard Nerds on the artist credit! They coming out with the feels on this one. Showing versatility I think. Totally in love with the track of course, nice to be surprised by these guys trying something different and rocking it.

And that wasn't the only moment I had with the album that made me do a double take. I've kind of liked Stephen Walking's style, found it pretty charming. A little silliness, a little retro, very distinctive. Still I wouldn't say I'm his biggest fan, for my taste the hit/miss factor usually landed ever so slightly on the "miss" side - but I do have a lot of respect for what he does. So here I am, casually listening to "One Man Moon Band". Suddenly I hear this mad, totally obscene bassline lead into a segment with just the most adorable, simple hook with a kind of a horn-like synth? The one at just past 1:45. I'm going like, "what the hell am I listening to???" and for the rest of the track my attention is undivided. There is simply a lot of awesome packed into the 4-odd minutes of music here. I love the demostyle in the last half of the track and the ending. By the time it was over, I just went, "OK, let's listen to this again right away" and it seems the song gets better with every listen. Knocked it out of the park, Stephen Walking. And the cowbell just cracks me up. Delightful music.


[Edit] While I'm posting. London Elektricity is also back with new music on Are We There Yet?. I'm really happy with the album, it sounds fresh and inspired. I already featured the uplifting "Why Are We Here?" on the above mentioned FOTM playlist when they released it as a single a couple of weeks ago but the full album is out now. Definitely a worthy addition to the London E catalogue. I have no idea what is up with the song name "Telefunken Lizard Filter" but somehow... the song sounds just like what a telefunken lizard filter should sound like? Fucking brilliant actually, love it.
Was it down for everyone?
posted by Saboteur on 17.06.2015 19:44

Was the server just unreachable for 3 days? I think I botched the network settings on it after replacing a PSU. I was just happy when I could connect from my local network, and it didn't occur to me to check with an external connection... @#% me. Oh well, still alive and kicking!
Fresh tunes (not mine though)
Monstercat 021 out - posted by Saboteur on 12.04.2015 18:18

Hey - it's that time again! Loving the fresh tunes of various talents assembled under Monstercat. 021 - Perspective is streaming here. That is all, have an awesome day!
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