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Raven Releases

Raven was my artist handle before I changed it to Saboteur. I have very vague ideas of when I've released or finished most of my Raven-songs, so there's no real index of releases.

  • Wall of Thoughts [XM]
    Genre: Melodic Triphop
    182Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • This was the song that impressed the members of Other Sight enough to ask me to join the group. After this song the time was right for me to change my alias and wipe out the unimpressive history of Raven and become Saboteur. This song is quite unique - it's something I never recaptured. It's borderline minimalistic, melancholic and melodic. Moody.
  • Nothing But a Waste of Time [XM]
    Genre: Ballad
    310Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • One of my later Raven releases. A ballad with some sequences from my Yamaha Electone HC-4W. The basic idea isn't too bad.
  • Greyscale [XM]
    Genre: Pop
    296Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • This is a much older Raven release but I decided to put it on this page for those of you who want to hear the older stuff. This is something I won't admit saying if you confront me about it, but I really like this song. Even today, in 2002. There's just something about the theme and style I like. I hope I'll be able to make a remix or remake of this song at some point in time.

      (Editor's note, September 2003: Actually, I did just that. Get the remix too.)

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