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Unofficial Releases

Here are some tracks by me that were written by me and released either under a fake artist name, Martin Ashley, or as unofficial Saboteur releases. This covers tracks I wrote back in the day of TiS when I felt that the tracks were cool enough to be released but too un-saboteurish to be released directly.

Confusingly, the first track on the "up to 2003"-list is the oldest, the most recent ones are at the bottom. This does not apply to 2004 and onwards. Too lazy to fix that.


  • 26.12.2004: Thinking Happy Thoughts [Ogg]
    Genre: Breakbeat
    336Kb Ogg (Near Quality 1) [ Download ]
    • New year's track for 2005.


  • Marooned [XM]
    Genre: House
    166Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A house track that I still like to listen to for the simple yet catchy groove, fat bassline, quirky synths (that were the very foundation of the track) and the nice melodic pianos that coloured the mix. This was written after saboteur#3.1999.

      Also a Martin Ashley release, part of a musicdisk titled "Void", released in April 2001.
  • Party till you drop [XM]
    Genre: House
    205Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • Another housey track, this time with a happy melodic overall sound. Written after saboteur#6.1999, a sort of a "merry christmas"-kind of track.
  • Void [XM]
    Genre: Hiphop
    417Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A hiphoppish track, a bit on the aggressive side. Written after saboteur#8.2000.

      Also a Martin Ashley release, part of a musicdisk titled "Void", released in April 2001. (This was the title track).
  • Void Part 2 [XM]
    Genre: Drum'n'Bass
    464Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A TMC-inspired dnb track, a sequel to "Void" probably due to the unusually brooding and unintelligent atmosphere which is uncommon in my tracks (don't laugh, please). Written after saboteur#13.2000.
  • Suspicion [XM]
    Genre: Drum'n'Bass
    277Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • Written at about the same time as "Void Part 2", here's a track that I almost released as Saboteur. It's a melodic and moody d'n'b experiment with a few different parts yet still always keeping in with the same theme. Different beats and moods. Pretty likeable, potentially anyway.

      Also a Martin Ashley release, part of a musicdisk titled "Void", released in April 2001.
  • Love Will Always Break Your Heart [XM]
    Genre: Melancholy / Melodic Triphop
    493Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A strong winner candidate in the "Most naive name ever"-category of my song names, this is actually a pretty strong track. I don't know why I didn't release it, because it's better than some of my official stuff. Written after saboteur#14.2000.
  • Friends In The Future, Part 2 [XM]
    Genre: Synthpop
    317Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • This was never released as far as I can remember. It's a synthpop thingie made after a teacher in my school (at the time) died.
  • Her Mondays [XM]
    Genre: Synthpop
    229Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A good-mood lounge groove thing that has a really sunny mood to it, and a nice beat crafted from some samples from darkhalo and Acumen.

      Also a Martin Ashley release, part of a musicdisk titled "Void", released in April 2001. In the disk it was titled "Days Like These".
  • Here Comes The Holy Ghost [XM]
    Genre: Hiphop
    465Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • An aggressive track again, this time powered by a big bunch of loops and beats and one particular guitar lead.

      Also a Martin Ashley release, part of a musicdisk titled "Void", released in April 2001. In the disk it was titled "Shameless".
  • Lay It Down On Me [XM]
    Genre: Metal Ballad
    389Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A sort of metallica-inspired metal ballad. People told me it turned out pretty cool and I like to think the idea was nice. But I still don't fancy this sort of music that much.
  • My Deepest Love [XM]
    Genre: Synthpop
    168Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • Another entry in the long list of "Most naive and pathetic song title" nominees. Not much to say, except that it features a part of the Monkey Island 2 theme in the melody.
  • Desolate Waters [XM]
    Genre: Lounge groove / Easy Listening
    629Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A track that I still enjoy, again. Written near christmas 2000. It's a bit quirky and rough around the edges, but it sports a nice idea. Pretty groovy, especially the lead in pattern 19 (dec).
  • By Your Side [XM]
    Genre: Ballad
    579Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • From the song instrument texts: "The official christmas song from Saboteur 2000." It's soft and nice, and the sampleset provided hours of entertainment and inspiration for a friend of mine, who must have wrote like three new tracks with it.
  • Demostyle Experiment [XM]
    Genre: Synthpop
    82Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • A good-mood synthpop thingie.
  • Manaeh Desire [XM]
    Genre: Synthpop
    698Kb ZIP [ Download ]
    • Here's the track that was more or less my last Fasttracker 2 work. It's rough around the edges but it's still kind of cool. At least for the interest factor of it being my last XM. (I didn't completely stop working with FT2 at that time, but this was the official goodbye in favor of MPT).

      The title has something to do with the western society's obsession with money ("manaeh" - don't ask, I don't know), however the track is very upbeat. It's as much of a mystery to me know as it is to you.

The Eye Of The Storm - Soundtrack (2001)

  • Placeholder [MP3]
    Genre: Fantasy
    x,xx mb MP3 (VBR) [ Download ]
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