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Lemon Jelly: "Lost Horizons"

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Four stars, but that's just because I never give anything 5.

A great warmth, a good mood is abound on this album. The melodies and beats that I came to know and love on "", the collection of their earlier releases, are still playing a major role on the album. That's only a good thing as far as I'm concerned, because they retain a freshness with new beats and ideas even though the formula is the same. This record is not about depth, it's about high-velocity impact. It makes for easy listening, but it's created skillfully enough to sound good even when you're diverting all your attention into listening to it and experiencing it.

If listening to "Nice Weather For Ducks" doesn't make you grin like mad (not because it's ridiculous - which it is in an absurd way - but simply because it's so upbeat) then maybe Lemon Jelly and its brethren (Wagon Christ) are not for you. I for one could wholly embrace the craziness and beauty of the electronic goodness that radiates from the song. It's happy, and it's frank about it. It's about having fun. But it's also strange enough that not everybody will be able to enjoy it like I did, so if you're introducing someone to Lemon Jelly, don't necessarily start out with this song.

When "Closer" first started flowing out of my speakers I was instantly and spontaniously compelled to turn up the volume some five notches and stand up and move my body some. It's a definite highlight on the already bright and endlessly entertaining collage of melodies, samples and phat beats that is "Lost Horizons". This is electronic music with texture, warmth and a very, very high "cool"-factor. It's electronic music to love.

After hearing "" and "Lost Horizons", I have very much become a fan. I'll be back for more. This was the kind of music I knew existed but hadn't found until now. If you're thinking about getting this album, also get "". Do get them both, because once you hear either one, you won't want to wait for the other one to arrive in the mail.

TOP TRACKS: Elements, Return To Patagonia, Nice Weather For Ducks, Closer, The Curse Of Ka'Zar


  1. Elements [Sample]
  2. Spacewalk
  3. Rambling Man
  4. Return To Patagonia
  5. Nice Weather For Ducks
  6. Experiment No. 6
  7. Closer
  8. The Curse Of Ka'Zar [Sample]
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