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Orbital: "In Sides"

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Oldschoolish electronic euphoria

If you're anything like me and came to this album from 'The Middle of Nowhere', you may or may not be in for a small shock. And conversely, if you're planning to buy 'The Middle of Nowhere' next, you're in for a rougher ride than you might expect. You may find yourself waiting for a harder baseline in 'The Girl With The Sun In Her Head' but as the album progresses, it becomes clear that you won't get any big beats. You're still sure to be swept away by the aforementioned track though - that's a chord progression that'll stick in your head.

This album carries within a distinct sense of being created with a TR-808 and it's merits will seem more musical than technical at first. But fear not - if again you're anything like me - your heart will be melted well before you've reached the end of the album. This album is techno alright - and very carefully crafted at that. Many brilliant highlights will catch your attention. To name a few, I was completely taken by surprise with The Box's serenity and melancholy in the first part. Another unexpected heartstealer is 'Adnan's' which is among my favourites on the album with it's atmosphere, flowing melodies and slightly trippy beat. Another very highly ranking track (or rather two tracks) is 'Out There Somehere?', which shows (along with The Box) how unique Orbital is with creating these epic tracks. You won't find anything like that by anyone else! The two opening tracks of the album will also be given a new meaning when you take a look at the sleeve notes.

I find it very hard to imagine that anyone could be disappointed in buying this wonderful album. It strongly reinforced my Orbital fanhood after 'The Middle of Nowhere' and the only track that hasn't gotten that much playing time on my stereo set is the industrial and bleak 'P.E.T.R.O.L', which is still not a bad track and beat lovers may even consider it the best track on the album (it's certainly the strongest one, as far as sound goes). It's just up against some pretty stiff competition on this album.

TOP TRACKS: The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, The Box (Parts 1 and 2), Adnan's


  1. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head [Sample]
  2. P.E.T.R.O.L.
  3. The Box (part one)
  4. The Box (part two)
  5. Dwr Budr
  6. Adnan's [Sample]
  7. Out There Somewhere? (part one)
  8. Out There Somewhere? (part two)
  9. The Saint
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FFRR 1997

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Review by Saboteur

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