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London Elektricity: "Power Ballads"
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I just bought an absolutely brilliant new album. I won't get into an in-depth review here, but in case I never get around to writing one, I have to bring this up while it's still fresh.

I've been raving about what a great concept London Elektricity has going (see: review of Billion Dollar Gravy), and that concept has been improved upon still in their latest offering, Power Ballads. The "hard drum'n'bass action" is even tighter, and the "soulful melodies" are fresh and beautiful as ever.

This album's overwhelming dnb epic to match "The Great Drum + Bass Swindle" of Billion $ Gravy is undoubtedly "Remember The Future", which does everything that the 'swindle' did, but is a completely new song. You gotta love those moments when a track sends chills down your spine, and gets you all giddy and pumped as you reach to turn up the volume when that sensation kicks in.

And that's probably about the moment when my unconditional love for this record set in.

Absolutely top notch stuff. Along with High Contrast - also a hospital records act - definitely a band to look out for.

Spread the love.

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